14 Best Beer Mugs for the Freezer

Revenge isn’t the only thing best served cold.

Take a sip of warm beer, and you’ll see what we mean. While warm beer may be preferred in some parts of Europe, it’s an absolute downer for the rest of the world.

However, adding ice to your beer, just waters it down, wasting a tasty brew. That is why beer mugs for the freezer were invented — to keep your beer chilled till the last sip.

So, let’s have a look at the best beer mugs for the freezer, starting with our top picks.

The Best Beer Mugs for the Freezer

Best Beer MugsCapacityWeight
1. Host Freeze Beer Freezer Gel Frozen Pint Glass16 oz1 lbs
2. BC Inter Double Wall Gel Frosty Freezer Ice Mugs16oz1.2 lbs
3. Duck House NFL Crystal Freezer Monster Mugs38 oz1.7 lbs
4. Dragon Glassware Insulated Beer Mug13.5 oz1 lbs
5. Snowfox Stainless Steel Beer Glass16.9 oz1.55 lbs

1. Host Freeze Beer Freezer Gel Frozen Pint Glass

Our hot — or should we say cold – favorite in this category is this super cool beer chiller set featuring a proprietary cooling gel that will keep your beer nice and chilled for a long time. Just put these chillers in the freezer for two hours, and that will keep your beer around 43 degrees F for the next hour or so. The sweat-free silicon band is there to ensure secure handling.

These mugs are BPA-free plastic, which means they are virtually unbreakable unless you’re really trying. So if you need a pint by the poolside or in your lawn while you enjoy a barbeque with friends, this is a freezer mug we highly recommend.

2. BC Inter Double Wall Gel Frosty Freezer Ice Mugs

Add some color to your party with this lively set of four beer mugs in four different colors and unique ice-like texture between two walls. The walls aren’t just a neat design; they also work as an insulation to keep your beer chilled longer.

These mugs are high-quality food-grade acrylic with handles that are wide enough to make sure your hands don’t warm the beer. You can freeze these mugs for between two and four hours to keep your beer chilled for about an hour.

3. Duck House NFL Crystal Freezer Monster Mugs

Name a better duo than NFL and chilled beer! Imagine enjoying your never-warming pint in a mug bearing the logo of your team. That’s how Duck House took it to the next level. From Broncos to Steelers, you can get yourself a 38 oz monster mug to flaunt your love for your team. All that while enjoying a super chilled drink.

Duck House Crystal Freezer Mug

Made of high quality, BPA-free plastic, this mug has a cold gel between the walls, and it does the job keeping your beer chilled without ice. Just put it in the freezer for around 30 minutes, and enjoy your game with undiluted, chilled beer.  

4. Dragon Glassware Insulated Beer Mug

If you aren’t into fancy contemporary stuff, then we have a classic glass mug for you. The only difference is its double insulated glass that stays sweat-free and keeps your beer colder longer. This large capacity monster glass goes in the freezer for two hours; that’s more than enough to have an undiluted, chilled beer that won’t lose its taste or temperature.

These premium beer steins are handcrafted from lead-free, quality glass that won’t crack in the freezer or dishwasher.  Although the overall look is sleek, the wide mouth makes it easier to drink your favorite. Dragon Glassware stands by its product with a 1-year money-back guarantee.

5. Snowfox Stainless Steel Beer Glass

This stainless steel beer glass set from SnowFox is just as effective as they are stylish. It isn’t only a thicker layer of glass to keep the beer fresh; it is a patent-pending design with a vacuum insulated stainless steel body that prevents temperature change and sweating.

What’s more: these stylish beer glasses are much lighter than a regular beer stein or pint glass. Lighter weight and slimmer design make it easy to handle.  And thanks to the insulated design, you won’t risk warming the beer with your body heat even without a handle. This glass comes in eight different colors.

6. Zoku Slush and Shake

Just because it’s advertised as a shake and slush maker, doesn’t mean it isn’t good for beer. It is better than many beer mugs we tested for this list. For starters, it takes around 7 minutes to cool your beer down to freezing chilled. Just keep the removable freezer core in the freezer, and attach it to the cup to get a super-chilled pint in a matter of minutes.

The core, if frozen for at least 8 hours, will keep your beer chilled for a long time. We really love this mug for how versatile it is. It comes in four different colors and a special slush spoon. Both the core and cup are BPA-free plastic.

7. Bar Brat Insulated Coffee Mug & Beer Mug

Steel is the new glass. The Bar Brat Insulated beer mug is here to replace your regular beer steins and tumblers. This double stainless steel mug has double-wall air insulation that prevents the temperature of the liquid from rising or dropping. This mug is premium 304 stainless steel and comes with a lid to keep your beer chilled longer.

Two more features that make it one of our top favorites is the handle that remains at room temperature no matter how cold your beer is, and the body that doesn’t sweat even on the most humid day. Plus, this mug is dishwasher safe. Bonus: you get a free cocktail recipe book with each mug.

8. Nuvantee Premium Stainless Steel Mug

We have yet another stainless steel competitor on the list with an airtight lid for anyone wanting to keep their beer chilled longer. You can put this mug in the freezer for as long as you like. Remove it from the freezer, and the beer will remain cold until the last sip.

This quality mug with a no-sweat, insulated body is perfect for outdoors. Enjoy your chilled beer by the pool or on the lawn.

9. Greenbrier Red Frosty Freezer Mug 

This 6-inch beer mug is the real party starter. This mug is made from the finest polypropylene and has a non-toxic cooling gel inside its two walls. The gel does a decent job of keeping the beer chilled for longer. You can put the mug directly in the freezer, and enjoy a great-tasting chilled beverage after an hour or two.

Thanks to the high-quality material, this mug is quite sturdy. Even the gel keeps doing its job for years. Unlike with most steel or metal mugs, you won’t have to worry about the handle coming off. Overall, an excellent mug for a beer or any beverage you like served chilled.

10. Wyndham House Beer Mug with Freezing Gel

This mug is yet another excellent option for anyone who doesn’t want fancy colored beer mug or mugs made of metal. This clear beer stein is made of quality non-BPA polypropylene and has a classy and elegant look. However, it has a clear gel between two walls that works its magic to keep beverages as cool as they are in a freezer.

Simply store the mug in the freezer and take out when you need it. Now, you can enjoy your favorite beer without the need to add ice. Simple yet as effective as any high-end beer mug for the freezer.

11. Cypress Green Home Double Wall Gel Freezer Mug

This set of colorful four will look incredibly cool beside your pool. If you are having a small pool party in summer, these mugs will make sure your guests get the best tasting, chilled beer. The double-walled mug has a freezing liquid that keeps the beer freezing cold even on a hot day. Place the mug in the freezer for around four hours, and now you can enjoy a chilled beer without ice.

Each mug is made from the finest food-grade acrylic that is free of BPA and other toxins, even the gel between the walls is non-toxic. The only slight is that these mugs are not dishwasher or microwave safe.

12. Libbey Heidelberg Beer Mug Set

If you want a traditional stein that is more effective in keeping your beer cold than your regular beer mug, you need this set from Libbeys. While it may not have any gel or any other mechanism to keep your beer cold, the thick, reliable, lead-free glass does a decent job.

You can put the mug in the freezer and let it chill for around 2 hours before serving. The thick walls will keep your beer from warming up before you finish it all. The taste remains excellent until the last sip. What’s more: these mugs are durable and dishwasher safe.

13. Rabbit Freezable Beer Glasses

This beer glass is another simple yet effective design that answers all your beer-related concerns. The mug is a high-quality glass with a silicone sleeve that provides insulation. Neither the heat from the environment nor the warmth of your hand will affect the temperature of your beverage.

When you leave the glass in the freezer, the sleeve doubles up as an ice pack. When you serve beer, the ice slowly melts between the glass and the sleeve. Overall, it is a great product that is easy to use and even easier to clean.  

14. Lily’s Home Gel-Filled Acrylic Freezer Beer Glasses

Are you looking for something fancy for your fancy poolside party? How about these crystal-like, pilsner-shaped freezer glasses with colored bottom! They look elegant and they do a pretty good job of keeping your guests happy with chilled beer.

Between the two walls of high-quality acrylic, there is a non-toxic freezing gel that allows you to enjoy undiluted, cold beer even on a hot, humid day. The frosty appearance of the gel between the walls just adds to the experience. Freeze these glasses for four hours and serve freezing cold beer without ice. 

Buyer’s Guide: Best Beer Mugs for the Freezer

Freezable beer mugs keep your beer as cool as possible for as long as possible. However, not all mugs work in the same manner. While some simply offer better insulation, others have freezing gel or other substance that substitutes for ice.

Another main difference in freezer mugs or chillers is the material. The most common ones are glass, steel, and acrylic. Let’s see if the material makes a difference in how efficient your freezer mug is.

Glass: Beer mugs or steins made of glass have a classy, traditional look that many people love. While its stylish, glass doesn’t keep the beer cold for too long. However, there are some mugs made of thicker, quality glass, which can offer better insulation. If you are someone who chugs down a pint in a minute, glass is a good option.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is the modern alternative to glass. It looks sleek, stylish, yet rugged at the same time. Most SS steins are double-walled for insulation and can keep your beer cold for hours. The best part is that these mugs are perfect for hot beverages as well

Acrylic:  The best thing about the acrylic mug is that they can look exactly like traditional glass mugs. They are sturdier, and with the double-wall design, they can keep your beer cold for a long time. However, not all acrylic beer mugs have double walls and freezer gel. Also, unlike glass, acrylic will lose its shine and luster over time.

FAQs: Best Beer Mugs for the Freezer

What is the best temperature for beer?

Experts believe that there is a perfect temperature for every type of beer. For starters, premium lagers are best served at 42 degrees, ales around 44 degrees, while British beers are preferable at 55 degrees.

Why does beer taste bad after it gets warm?

Heat can expedite the process of oxidation. While some beers develop a stale flavor after oxidation, others can get too sweet and malty at a warmer temperature.

Is warm beer more potent?

Warm beer isn’t exactly more potent, but the myth about people getting more drunk on warm beer isn’t entirely wrong. Warm alcoholic beverages do absorb into the bloodstream faster than colder ones do.

Can you drink beer with ice?

There is no potential harm in putting ice in beer. However, most people do not like the watered-down taste of beer after adding ice. Therefore, it is ideal for serving beer in a mug that doesn’t let it get warm too quickly.  

Try these hacks to chill your beer in ten minutes:

What Is the Fastest Way to Chill a Can of Beer?

Does warm beer go bad?

Beer doesn’t go bad the instant it gets warm, but the oxidation happens more quickly in warm beer. Therefore, it will eventually lose its flavor. That said, it is best to avoid beer that has been sitting around in a hot place for too long.

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