The 7 Best Chef Knives For Small Hands

Let’s admit:

The pain of using an over-sized knife can only be understood by someone who has small hands.

If you’ve got small hands, not only can large knives make cooking uncomfortable, but they also put excessive strain and prevent you from achieving the finesse you crave for.

But did you know that there are chef knives made for people with small hands too?

That’s right! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best chef’s knives that are specifically crafted to perfectly fit in smaller hands.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

The Best Chef Knives For Small Hands

Top ProductsRatingHandle
1. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged 6” Chef’s Knife – Best Overall4.8Santoprene 
2. Global 6″ Chef’s Knife4.8Stainless-steel
3. Wusthof 4182 Santoku knife, 5″4.8Polyoxymethylene
4. Shun Classic 6” Chef’s Knife – Great Value4.7Pakkawood
5. DALSTRONG 6” Chef’s Knife – Shogun Series – Premium Choice4.7G-10

1. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged 6” Chef’s Knife

Best Features:

  • High-carbon stain-resistant steel
  • Taper-ground edge
  • Comfortable Santoprene handle
  • Bolster for balance

If there’s a knife that checks all boxes for people with small hands, it would be the Mercer Culinary Genesis. The smaller footprint of the knife combined with the Santoprene handle makes it very comfortable and provides excellent control over your hand movement.

The blade is made from high-carbon forged German steel that is resistant to rust and corrosion. Because the blade runs the entire length of the knife, it provides better balance and more precise cuts. The taper-ground edge also stays sharper for longer and can be easily honed.

2. Global 6″ Chef’s Knife

Best Features:

  • Stunning all-steel design
  • Sharper straight edge
  • Sturdy CROMOVA 18 steel
  • Easy-to-grip handle

The reason why Global’s Chef Knife is loved so much in the culinary world is due to its amazing handle. Because there’s no real handle on the knife, it’s very easy to grip for people with smaller hands due to its slenderness and dimple design.

It’s also more durable than other knives since it’s made from a single piece of steel. The knife has a nice balance to it which provides better control over the blade. And unlike a western chef’s knife, this one has a straight edge which tends to remain sharpened for longer.

3. Wusthof 4182 Santoku knife, 5″

Best Features:

  • 20% Sharper and lasting blade
  • Ergonomic polyoxymethylene handle
  • High-carbon stainless steel construction
  • Full-tang blade for better control

If chopping vegetables is your thing and you’ve got small hands, then this Westhof Santoku knife is for you. The 5-inch full-tang blade not only provides a comfortable hold, but better control and balance as well. Its handle is also very ergonomic and doesn’t fatigue your hands or wrists.

Each knife is sharpened with Wusthof’s Precision Edge Technology which increases sharpness by 20% and holds that sharpness for longer. The slightly curved edge is perfect for both push cuts and mincing vegetables and herbs. Also, the blade is indented with divots to minimize food suction.

4. Shun Classic 6” Chef’s Knife

Best Features:

  • VG-Max steel with extra durability
  • Ebony Pakkawood slender handle
  • Beautiful Damascus-patterned blade
  • Curved versatile blade

Shun’s classic 6” chef’s knife is more of a work of art. But what makes it perfect for people with small hands is its cylindrical handle. Since the knife is of Japanese origins, the handle is specifically designed to accommodate for the smaller hands of Japanese chefs and provide optimum control and agility.

However, the design is the most attractive feature of this knife. It’s Damascus patterned blade along with the Pakkawood handle makes it irresistible. It has a super-sharp edge that has a knife curve to it, much like a western chef’s knife. The heel allows perfect clearance for your knuckles and allows you to smoothly chop your ingredients.

5. DALSTRONG 6” Chef’s Knife – Shogun Series

Best Features:

  • Most premium quality and design
  • Non-slip ergonomic G-10 handle
  • Japanese steel-core Damascus layered blade
  • Sharpened to 8-12° degree angle per side

Another masterfully crafted Japanese knife, the Dalstrong 6” chef’s knife provides the same level of comfort and control as others from the amazing Shogun line-up. Its lightweight G10 handle is very ergonomic, and the full-tang blade provides perfect balance and knuckle clearance which is ideal for people with smaller hands.

The blade features a gorgeous ‘tsunami-rose’ pattern which is protected from rust and corrosion. It has a super-sharp edge and great edge retention too. The curved blade allows quick rock chopping, push cuts, deboning, and filleting. The knife also comes with a nice matching sheath for safe storage. 

6. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Professional S Chef’s Knife, 6 Inch

Best Features:

  • Made from high-carbon steel
  • Super-sharp 15° degree edge
  • Comfortable polymer-based handle
  • Dishwasher safe

This Zwilling’s Professional S chef’s knife is a great overall option for people with small hands. Manufactured by one of the largest companies in the knife industry, the knife speaks of quality through and through. It’s 15-degree blade is the sharpest in the business with amazing retention.

The polymer-based handle is bolstered with three rivets for maximum durability and comfort. It’s smaller length allows people with smaller hands to maneuver the knife easily. The blade is also rust and corrosion resistant and features a more long-lasting satin finish instead of a chrome one.

7. Zelite Infinity Santoku Knife 7 Inch – Executive-Plus Series

Best Features:

  • Gorgeous tsunami-rose blade
  • Santoku shape for precise push cuts
  • Humpback handle snugly fits in small hands
  • Edge sharpened to 12-degrees per side

For people with small hands who want a premium Santoku, the Zelite Infinity is the perfect knife. It’s slightly longer and more versatile, but the highlight here is the humpback handle. Molded to perfectly fit small and medium hands, it’s extremely snug and nimble.

The knife is also very aesthetically pleasing with its Damascus pattern blade, black forged G10 handle, and fine leather sheath. Its edges are sharpened to 12-degrees, a feature seen only in the most premium Japanese knives. The knife’s a solid piece of kitchen arsenal that can completely change the way you cook.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right-sized knife is just as important as picking the right ingredients, especially if you’ve got small hands. Not only does it makes chopping a breeze, but it also provides more control and maneuverability.  

So how do you pick a knife that’s perfect for your small hands?

1. Smaller length is better

Smaller knives are generally better at chopping in confined spaces or boards. But what makes them perfect for people with smaller hands is their lower weight and maneuverability. The smaller length puts lesser strain on the wrists and provides more accuracy when performing delicate slicing or dicing.

A great way of picking the right sized knife is by doing the forearm test. Simply place the heel at your wrist and point the tip to your elbow. A knife that’s the same length as your forearm is the perfect size for your hands.

2. Ergonomic handle design

Since you’re controlling the entire knife with the handle, it’s very important that it feels comfortable and snug in your hand. A knife with a smaller length usually has a slenderer handle that fits perfectly in smaller hands. However, getting a feel of the handle yourself would help you make the best judgment.

3. Shape of the knife

Selecting which shape of knife, you require is determined by your use. If you’re cooking a meal from start to finish, you’ll probably need to chop and mince lots of vegetables while also trimming fat and removing sinew from meat. For that, you will require a multi-purpose tool with a pointed tip like a Western chef’s knife.

But if you need to dice and julienne perfect proportion of vegetables, you’d be better off with a Santoku knife that has a flatter blade for faster push cuts.

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Are 6-inch knives too small?

Chef knives are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 6-inches to 14-inches. For people with small hands, a 6-inch knife is good enough for most tasks and is more accurate.

How is the length of a knife determined?

A knife’s length is the distance from the tip of the blade to the heel. This is the part where the blade of the knife ends and meets the handle or bolster. The length does not include the handle.

What is the best material for a knife’s handle?

The best materials for knives include wood and G-10. Other great materials for knife handles include different kinds of polymers and stainless-steel as well.

Should I buy a chef’s knife or a Santoku knife?

A chef’s knife curved blade is better at rock chops so you can mince herbs and vegetables better. A Santoku knife is better at delicately slicing and dicing vegetables and quick push cuts.

Why are chef knives so expensive?

Most chef knives use very high-quality steel that drives up the cost. However, this steel is also sharper, resistant to corrosion, easier to hone, and lasts for a long time.

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