The 8 Best Energy-Efficient Mini Refrigerators

If you’re looking to upgrade your refrigerator, consider various energy-efficient options available in the market. The ideal refrigerators are suitable for a dorm, chilling beers, and storing office lunch. Apart from that, they consume less energy and can lead to significant savings on your bills.

In this guide, we’ll explore various energy-saving options to help you save on your electricity bill. Let’s get started.

The Best Energy-Efficient Mini Refrigerators

Top ProductsRating
1. Haier Mini Refrigerator4.9
2. Uber Chill Mini Fridge4.8
3. Black + Decker BCRK25B Compact Refrigerator4.8
4. Igloo Mini Fridge4.7
5. Cooluli Electric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer4.7

1. Haier Refrigerator

Best Features: Half-width freezer compartment, ice-cube tray, interior wire shelves, space-saving, adjustable leveling legs, adjustable thermostat, accommodates 2-liter tall bottles.

This mini-fridge from Haier is a budget-friendly option that provides quality, energy-saving performance. It is also budget-friendly and includes a half-width freezer complete with ice trays. Moreover, the inexpensive price tag makes this model a bargain! If you’re looking for a mid-tier fridge, this stainless steel is an ideal choice.

Satisfied buyers rave about this space-saving design of this fridge. It’s spacious and can store your favorite snacks and beverages. However, it can easily fit underneath your desk because of its compact size. That means you’ll never be hungry with this sleek mini-fridge nearby. Lastly, the freezer compartment can store frozen meals and decadent desserts for extended periods.

2. Uber Chill Mini Fridge

Best Features: Compact mini-fridge, 12V car cigarette lighter, solid-state thermoelectric cooler, warmer switch, retro-style, self-locking door handle.

This mini-fridge boasts an old-school design and helps you recall retro-futuristic kitchen appliances from yesterday. It’s appealing to the eye, portable, and budget-friendly. Apart from that, this fridge can help keep your drinks chilled.

But there’s more:

You don’t have to worry about keeping your meal fresh and warm during your family’s long drive. Simply flip the switch to ‘warm’ and voila! You can also set it up next to your desk for a quick iced-coffee to go with your late-night blogging. Moreover, the Uber mini fridge doesn’t require a converter as it can operate on both AC and DC. It keeps snacks and drinks at the optimal temperature to enjoy when needed. It’s also a perfect size for bedroom, nursery, or office and comes with a self-locking door handle.

3. Black + Decker BCRK25B Compact Refrigerator

Best Features: Full-width glass shelves, door shelves, accommodates tall 2-liter bottles, adjustable thermostat control, leveling legs, versatility, freezer compartment, ice-cube tray, reversible door, space-saving design, 1-year warranty on parts; 2-year compressor warranty, Energy star certified, compliant to DOE 2014 standards and R600a refrigerant.

This mini-fridge comes with all the must-have features offered by manufacturers. You don’t have to choose between freezer space and adjustable temperature function – the Black + Decker compact refrigerator provides both. Moreover, it comes with two full-width glass shelves, separate door shelves ice-cube trays, and a reversible door. Its space-saving design means you can keep it anywhere. Also, the back is flat so that it can be kept against a wall.

 The Black + Decker compact-sized fridge is Energy-star certified, which means its energy efficient. It’s over two feet tall and has small legs to stabilize it. Lastly, it’s so small that you can easily tuck it beneath your desk!

4. Igloo Mini Fridge

Best Features: 1.6 cubic foot mini fridge, neoprene material, adjustable thermostat, and compressor cooling, space-saving flat-back design, reversible door, 2-liter door basket, low energy consumption, an ice-cube chamber with trays.

Let’s face it: the office can be a nerve-wracking environment. Workplace pressure is aggravating enough, and nobody wants to quarrel over the last fruit yogurt in the break-room fridge. Therefore, a strategically hidden compact fridge, like Igloo’s compact fridge, is essential for any office worker. If you want to maintain your sanity, consider investing in an energy-saving mini-fridge!

Fortunately, Igloo’s compact fridge fits under most desks. It measures 1.6’ by 1.7’ and keeps your lunch away from your coworkers’ prying eyes. Moreover, it comes with removable shelves for easy cleaning and washing. It also has a tiny freezer compartment and powerful cooling technology to keep your salads crisp and drinks chilled for days. Regardless of the outside temperature, it keeps your meals fresh.

Satisfied customers rave about this compact fridge keep their lunch safe. Furthermore, new parents also vouch for the unexpected use of this fridge – keeping their baby’s bottles fresh!

5. Cooluli Electric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer

Best Features: Thermoelectric cooling system, durable design for travel, AC/DC adapters included, flip-switch for cooling and heating, holds up to 18 12-ounce cans.

If you’re a food-lover who loves to be outdoors, this mini-fridge is an ideal choice. Get ready to fall in love with Cooluli’s mini-fridge cooler and warmer. It’s an indispensable appliance for any office space, playroom, dorm, or garage-turned-man-cave. Moreover, you can take your favorite snacks and drinks anywhere you go with this mini-fridge.

It comes with a six-foot-long cord and a cigarette lighter adapter. Your favorite appliance can easily fit in the backseat of your car. Therefore, this versatile fridge is a must-have for any camping trips or vacations with your family. It’s also ideal for truck-drivers who want to carry their favorite meals on the road. It can easily switch from a portable fridge to food warmer.

Further, it’s loved by new mothers for its innovative temperature regulation technology. They can store milk at optimal temperatures without the risk of spoiling. Apart from that, homeowners praise it’s the capability to store temperature-sensitive medicine securely. It’s a spacious, energy-saving mini-fridge to store beverages and meals alike.

6. Insignia 115-Can Beverage Cooler

Best Features: LED lightning, three shelves, glass door, free-standing design, and touch-sensitive controls.

You don’t have to preserve leftovers in an expensive, over-the-top mini-fridge. Insignia’s sleek, glass door cooler can hold up to 115 cans of your favorite beverages. That means you’re all set to beat the summer heat by cracking open a cold one!

Insignia cooler features easy-to-use, touch-sensitive control mechanism. You can adjust the temperature at the tap of a finger. Moreover, it comes with three shelves and an auto-defrost system that detects frost and melts it away. This patented kitchen appliance offers high-quality performance at an affordable price tag.

Satisfied buyers enjoy filling up their insignia cooler with their favorite sports drinks, beer, and wine bottles. It’s also an essential appliance for that empty corner at your home gym. Lastly, if you love all things brewed, Insignia’s cooler also makes a spectacular beer fridge!

7. Midea WHD-113FB1 Double Door Mini Fridge

Best Features: Energy Star rated, UL energy certification, freezer space, and vegetable drawer, includes adjustable legs.

Midea is a well-known brand for mini-fridges. At 2.2 cubic feet, this double-door mini fridge can easily fit anywhere. It also has adjustable legs to accommodate tight areas, and the smooth-to-touch reversible doors set this fridge apart. Therefore, if you don’t have the perfect spot to open the doors, you can just take it off and place it the other way.

Despite its small size, this Midea model has spacious freezer space and a vegetable drawer. Moreover, the temperatures for both freezer and fridge are adjustable. Lastly, its energy-saving mechanism gives it an Energy Star rating so it won’t break the electric bill.

8. Daewoo FR-044RCNM Retro Compact Refrigerator

Best Features: Soft dial and easy control, Energy start certified, 2-liter bottle rack, LED lighting, tabletop function, and food sliding drawer.

While style and design aren’t the most important factors, it’s hard to resist the old-fashioned look of this mini-fridge. This retro compact-sized refrigerator adds a subtle pop of color to the surroundings. It’s available in various colors like mint, red, white, city blue and cream beige. Beyond looks, it delivers superior performance and functionality.

The Daewoo mini-fridge features LED lightening, a wire bin, a food drawer, and a two-liter bottle rack. It also comes with a top table design to place drinking glasses and dishes on the mini-fridge. Lastly, this compact fridge is Energy-star certified and helps save up on energy bills.

How to Choose a Mini Refrigerator – Buying Guide

Different Style Options

Mini refrigerators are available as either stand-alone units or ones designed to be built into cabinetry. Not all styles are manufactured for the same purpose. Therefore, it helps start with exactly what you need your fridge to do—freeze, store perishable foods, or simply a cool beverage.


This option is an “all-refrigerator,” It’s meant for food, snacks, and beverages. However, it doesn’t include a freezer compartment. These compact fridges feature adjustable thermostats (either manual or digital), three interior shelves, and a door with more shelves or beverage dispensers.

If you’re looking to store more than just drinks, this style is an ideal option. The most common size for these fridges is between 3-6 cubic feet. It gives you ample room for taller fridge items like 2-liter bottles. Moreover, compact cube styles of 1.7 cubic feet are also available to accommodate tighter spaces.

Refrigerator with Freezer

While the same size as your standard fridge, these models feature additional freezer space. It can either be a small shelf within the refrigerator or a separate section with a door. A small fridge with a freezer is the perfect choice for those without a full-size refrigerator.

You can consider buying these refrigerators if you have minimal needs. For example, if you only need one ice cube tray and store one frozen meal. Alternatively, you can avoid freezers if you want ample space for refrigerator items. Unique styles with a freezer and door provide extra storage space and a better cooling process.

Refrigerator and Microwave Combination

As the name suggests, these models include a fridge and microwave. These compartments have been bracketed together to form one unit and feature one plug for both.

The compact-sized refrigerator is designed for food and drink and is on the smaller than the standard size (2.5-3.5 cubic feet). This combination is tailored for those who require both appliances but have limited wall outlets.

Beverage Centers

These models are designed explicitly for beverages and don’t feature the cooling mechanism needed to preserve perishable foods. They’re an energy-efficient choice for serious buyers.