The 7 Best Hot Plates for Boiling Water

Hot plates have become a necessity as it is one of the best ways to extend your cooking capacity. Whether you’re traveling, camping, enjoying an outdoor event, or just need a quick solution for your cooking needs, a hot plate will solve all your problems.  

Since it’s a portable device, it comes in handy, even though it may not work at the capacity of a regular electric cooker. But it works well for cooking simple meals, boiling water, and other cooking requirements.

If you’ve been planning on investing in the best hot plates, we have a list for you. Check out our top choices and make an informed decision.

The Best Hot Plates for Boiling Water

No.Top ProductsRatingWeight
1.Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner4.46.51 lbs.
2. Cuisinart Cast-Iron Single Burner – Stainless Steel4.46.85 lbs.
3.Ovente Electric Glass Infrared Burner Double Hot Plate4.24.6 lbs.
4. Cuisinart Cast-Iron Double Burner4.310.6 lbs.
5.Elite Gourmet Single Electric Flat Cast Iron Heating Plate Burner4.43.64 lbs.
6.Rosewill 1800 Watt 5 Pre-Programmed Settings Induction Cooker Cooktop4.45 lbs.
7.Durabold Kitchen Countertop Cast-Iron Double Burner4.17.68 lbs.

1. Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

Brand: Duxtop  | Item No: BT-180G3 | ASIN: B0045QEPYM | Weight: 6.51 pounds

Best Features: The fine-quality hot plate features a digital panel control that automatically takes care of the temperature range when boiling water or cooking food

The Duxtop hot plate has a stylish and sleek design with a high-tech LCD backlighting and touch-screen control panel. It is one of the best hot plates for boiling water and other simple cooking needs. It is large enough to hold bigger pots and features excellent cooking controls. Additionally, it comes with sensors so your hot plate would know if it doesn’t have cookware on the surface and will automatically shut off in 60 seconds. There’s also a child-lock feature for security.

As far as boiling the water is concerned, this hot plate does that job perfectly as it comes with a ‘fast boil’ button. Don’t depend on guesswork as you can use this hot plate to boil water at the perfect temperature. Highly recommended!

2. Cuisinart Cast-Iron Single Burner – Stainless Steel

Brand: Cuisinart  | Item No: CB-30P1 | ASIN: B01IA3H8QM | Weight: 6.85 pounds

Best Features: The heavy-duty cast iron hot plate has 6-setting adjustable temperature control with indicator lights

Cuisinart needs no introduction when it comes to the best kitchen devices. This hot plate is designed using cast-iron for more endurance. This countertop cast-iron burner is a handy device that’s a great addition to your kitchen, especially if you’re mostly on the go or cooking for a crowd. It has a flat surface that’s easy to clean and looks great on the counter.  

It has a portable and compact size, which makes it a great choice for small spaces. The versatile tool features an adjustable thermostat with indicator lights, non-slip rubber feet, and heats up quickly. Definitely a great choice!

3. Ovente Electric Glass Infrared Burner Double Hot Plate

Brand: Ovente | Item No: BGI102S | ASIN: B0746RGSVK | Weight: 4.6 pounds

Best Features: This classy and portable ceramic glass top burner has a great design and amazing functionality that makes it a great choice

This one’s an excellent option if you have a small kitchen and you need additional cooking surfaces. The electric glass burner by Ovente features two coils that can be used simultaneously. It is portable, flat, and compact, and heats up fast – thanks to its powerful 1700 watt mechanism. Not only this is a great burner for boiling water, but also for fully cooking other meals.

The hot plates feature infrared technology that allows you to use any cookware on the surface effectively. The adjustable knob can be used to set the thermostat between 105 and 212 degrees. It features a powerful heating method that works similar to that of a regular stovetop. But unlike the stovetop, this one can be used for your outdoor activities.  

4. Cuisinart Cast-Iron Double Burner

Brand: Cuisinart | ASIN: B01JCECBNI | Weight: 10.6 pounds

Best Features: The burner features 2 heavy-duty cast iron plates that offer excellent durability and 6-setting adjustable temperature controls

This one by Cuisinart is another double-sided burner with dual heavy-duty cast iron plates. When it comes to durability, there are only a few other options that would impress you like this one. This portable heating source offers two separate plates that can be used simultaneously. It offers you extra cooking surfaces, where you can boil water and prepare meals at the same time. Each plate comes with its own indicator lights and control panels.

Since boiling water uses more power, this burner won’t disappoint you. It offers even conduction of heat, which is hard to find in other models available in the market. The hot plates are durable enough to take care of heavy pots and also feature rubber legs to keep the burner in one place.

5. Elite Gourmet Single Electric Flat Cast Iron Heating Plate Burner

Brand: Maximatic | ASIN: B00C8C5I7I | Weight: 3.64 pounds

Best Features: The affordable hot plate has a cool-touch base and non-skid rubber feet for hassle-free cooking

This single buffet hot plate by Elite Cuisine is a great budget option that makes boiling water and cooking simple meals convenient and quick. The elite unit features adjustable temperature controls including low, medium, and high settings. It is a portable electric unit that offers amazing heating that perfectly boils water and helps prepare different meals.

The compact design makes it easy to carry and takes less cooking space. The flat plate offers even heating on all sides and cooks effortlessly. Since it also features non-skid rubber feet, you can boil water on the surface without worrying about the induction slipping.

6. Rosewill 1800 Watt 5 Pre-Programmed Settings Induction Cooker Cooktop

Brand: Rosewill | Item No: RHAI-16002 | ASIN: B01LYFJ7DI | Weight: 5 pounds

Best Features: The hot plate has 5 pre-programmed settings that makes boiling water and cooking different foods a breeze

In addition to fulfilling all the essential requirements of an induction cooktop, this smart electric appliance offers great performance, functionality, and a high-degree of sophistication. This one is regarded as one of the best countertop hot plates for boiling water. With this burner in hand, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish when it comes to cooking. It is fast, safe, and much more efficient.

The model features a touch-screen control panel with up to eight temperature settings and several power levels. It gives you more control over how you like to cook your meal or boil water in lesser time. As an added convenience, this smart hot plate also features five pre-programmed settings to choose from.  

7. Durabold Kitchen Countertop Cast-Iron Double Burner

Brand: Durabold | Item No: 6430-317465695 | ASIN: B07B39CGTB | Weight: 7.68 pounds

Best Features: The electric countertop burner heats up quickly and comes with adjustable temperature for easy and hassle-free cooking

If you’re looking for a reliable portable countertop hot plate that would offer you the additional cooking surface without taking a lot of space, this one by Durabold would fit the bill. This countertop burner is a convenient cooking equipment to meet all your cooking needs. Not only it’s a great option for boiling water, but you can also use the other plate at the same time to warm or simmer your meal. This iconic option would make life so much easier, especially if you’re mostly on the go and prefer home-cooked meals and boiled water.

The two burners are differently powered as the main burner utilizes 1000 watts and the other one 700 watts. Enjoy a wonderful cooking experience with this durable and sturdy die-cast metal burner that supports all kinds of cookware.

Buyer’s Guide

The Different Types of Hot Plates – Which One To Get?

Whenever you’re on your hot plate hunt, it’s best to consider the different types available. Here’s a quick run:

The Electric Hot Plate

They are based on the thermal conduction, which is a self-electric heating system. These plates come with controls so you can adjust the temperature accordingly.  

Induction Hot Plate

Induction heating is caused by a magnetic reaction, which means that the surface of the hot plate remains cold but it will heat up the food when you place the induction pan or pot over the surface. They have adjustable temperature controls and timers as well.

Propane Hot Plate

Unlike induction and electric hot plates, this one creates a flame to heat the food. Like regular stoves, it is powered by gas and is a good option if you do not require a portable burner.  

The choice you make will depend on your preferences and needs.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Hot Plate

Before picking the best hot plate for boiling water, make sure it ticks all the boxes mentioned below:


Most hot plates would boil the water, cook food, and heat up already prepared food. The question is, how efficiently it does it. The best hot plates will offer a high wattage to do the task effortlessly and faster.  

Heating Source

Most hot plates are based on electricity as the heating source. Some people opt for cast-iron, propane, or ceramic hot plates that may not rely on electricity.  


Most people invest in a hot plate for its portability. If you travel a lot or host outdoor events, the portability feature is crucial for you. Also, this article features both single and dual burners. Only opt for a double-burner if you have a big car or if you travel light since it is larger and occupies more space.  


Wattage is another major consideration because that’s what decides whether the hot plate would boil the water for you or cook your meals fully. As a rule of thumb, opt for high watts hot plate if you want it to boil water and cook food.

Temperature Control

Adjustable features give more control over how you want to use your hot plate. You can adjust the temperature according to your needs. For instance, you would need high temperatures for boiling water and a low-temperature setting if you just want to simmer your food.

Check out this video to see how you can efficiently use a hot plate to boil water:


1.      Are hot plates a good investment?

This portable appliance is a great investment if you require an additional cooking surface in your kitchen. A hot plate is also a great choice for travelers and people who like cooking outdoors as it is compact, portable, and gets the job done.

2.      Can I put my hot plates on countertops?

Most hot plates come with rubber feet so they can be placed on the countertops without the risk of slipping. However, the answer to this question also depends on what your countertop is made of. If you have a quartz countertop, you should never put your hot plate on it. Even if the surface is heat resistant and durable, some countertop materials may not be able to take the heat produced by a hot plate.

3.      What are hot plates used for?

A hot plate is a self-contained portable appliance cooktop that features one or more electric burners. These can be used as a stand-alone appliance for boiling water or cooking but is usually used as a substitute to a regular stove.

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