The 8 Best Knife Rolls

Let’s face it: A chef without a knife is no chef at all. Just like a seasoned musician only plays their own instrument, professional chefs are known to carry their own set of knives – crafted meticulously to handle the simplest of garnishes and most substantial cuts of prime beef.

Aspiring chefs derive a great sense of pride from having their own set knives wrapped perfectly in a knife roll. In this review, we have listed the best tools of the trade. If you want to buy super-durable knife rolls, start your search here. One of them is sure to fit your needs!

The 8 Best Knife Rolls for Chefs          

Top ProductsBest Features
1. EVERPRIDE Knife Roll BagConvenient accessibility, travel-friendly design, quick and easy storage
2. 14-Slots Budget Knife Roll BagHolds a wide assortment of knives, easy to carry, durable design
3. 8 Slot Shun Knife RollPerfect for most chefs, accommodates up-to 8 knives, fully-zippered and includes a shoulder strap.
4. Durable Leather Knife Roll (8 Pockets)Vintage-style knife roll, made with full-grain leather, water-resistant with durable canvas
5. Chef Knife Roll BagWater-resistant, waxed canvas, travel-friendly with a heavy-duty storage pocket
6. Waterproof Waxed Canvas Chef’s Roll Up 6 Slots Multi-purpose Knife BagDurable knife holder protectors, travel-friendly chef knives and high capacity storage bag.
7. EVERPRIDE 14 Slots Chef Knife Roll BagConvenient accessibility, travel-friendly design with high kitchen safety and security
8. 6 Slots Knife Roll BagHolds a wide assortment of knives, it’s safe and secure, slot for name tag or business cards

Everpride Chef Knife Roll Bag

Best Features: Convenient accessibility, travel-friendly design, quick and easy storage

Whether you are going out for work, a cooking lesson, traveling overseas, or offering backyard entertainment and catering, Everpride Chef Knife Roll Bag has got you covered. It is the best culinary knife organizers for chefs with a holding capacity of up to 10 kitchen knives. You can also store additional accessories such as ceramics, scissors, and other tools and utensils.

The ergonomic and compact design technology used for this knife roll offers quick and secure storage, convenient portability and travel-friendly design.It has a shoulder strap and also comes with a knife sharpener and provides secure storage.

14-Slots Budget Knife Roll Bag

Best Features: Holds a wide assortment of knives, easy to carry, durable design

The spectacular knife bag comes with a functional design that enables it to hold up to 14 knives. Chefs can safely store an extensive range of kitchen tools, meat cleaver, and scissors. You shouldn’t fret about durability as the brand promises years of service while being subjected to everyday use. The detachable strap and handle aid in creating convenience and comfort.

It is made of hardened sturdy polyester with a slot for name tags or business cards. The availability of sturdy cover flaps and metal zippers ensure the safety of your culinary tools. It possesses all the necessary design features perfect for chefs and culinary students alike.

8 Slot Shun Knife Roll

Best Features: Perfect for most chefs, accommodates up-to eight knives, fully-zipped, and includes a shoulder strap.

This remarkable knife bag protects your treasured culinary tools while in transit, at school, work, or at home. With this unique 8-Slot design, you can conveniently hold a wide variety of kitchen tools with different shapes, sizes. The bag has elastic straps that hold the blades tightly to avoid falling out. It also comes with up zipper cover meant to keep dirt and dust at bay. Based on its sophisticated design and technology, this knife roll comes highly recommended for traveling professionals and culinary maestros. Protect your unused cutlery with this portable knife roll.

Durable Leather Knife Roll (8 Pockets)

Best Features: Vintage-style knife roll, made with full-grain leather, water-resistant with durable canvas

This leather knife roll is the perfect choice for culinary professionals who travel frequently. It comes with 8 Slot durable, water-resistant and handwoven canvas lining made with grain leather for a spectacular finish. It also has a luxurious, olive-green cover that is highly durable, making it a perfect home for your treasured set of knives.
This all-in-one, water-resistant, chic, and classy leather knife roll bag is every chef’s dream come true. Another fantastic feature is that it improves appearance with age and offers elegant storage for your culinary tools.

Chef Knife Roll Bag

Best Features: Water-resistant, waxed canvas, travel-friendly with a heavy-duty storage pocket
This timeless roll bag has superior functionality, character, and durability. Built with a waxed canvas of 11 OZ, this knife roll bag is easily one of the topmost durable designs available in the market. The ultimate style and durability are made possible with the cotton canvas backing. Your knives will always be safe and secure in this water-resistant, breathable bag. Convenient portability allows you to safely carry your knives while traveling, camping, or hosting a backyard BBQ. You can also store your spatulas, tasting spoons, tongs, garlic press, peelers, meat thermometers, and other culinary items in this bag.

Waterproof Waxed Canvas Chef’s Roll Up 6 Slots Multi-purpose Knife Bag

Best Features: Durable knife holder protectors, travel-friendly chef knives, and high capacity storage bag.

This bag is a perfect choice for culinary students and professional chefs alike. Built with waterproof waxed canvas, it offers six slots for a multipurpose experience. You get a unique high capacity bag that holds scissors, carving tools, ceramic, paring, and other chefs’ utensils. The design comes in a modest size of 22 x 19 inches in width when open; the size reduces spectacularly while closed.

If you faced durability issues with previous knife bags, this is a perfect design for you. Built with heavy-duty 16 OZ waxed canvas, it offers spectacular features such as the water-resistant exterior. You can quickly and securely store a wide array of culinary tools ranging from different knives, sharpening tools, and screwdrivers!

EVERPRIDE 14 Slots Chef Knife Roll Bag

Best Features: Convenient accessibility, travel-friendly design with high kitchen safety and security

EVERPRIDE understands the need for culinary professionals to travel with their own knives. The design team behind this brand features reputable chefs who have helped provide high quality, innovative, and futuristic brands for the culinary industry.
This knife bag can contain a wide assortment of culinary tools. It can hold up to 10 kitchen knives, and you can also store tasting spoons, scissors, and ceramic in different pockets. With the easy to carry shoulder strap, the compact design offers portability and convenience. It also comes with cut resistance and robust puncture abilities.

6 Slots Knife Roll Bag

Best Features: Holds a wide assortment of knives, safe and secure, slot for name tag or business cards

Whether you are a culinary student or a chef hitting the outdoors for a holiday, then this knife roll is perfect for transporting your knife set.

This culinary carrier allows you to store up to 5 knives and tools ranging from simple 18-inch blades to different paring knives. Also, a separate slot is provided for your knife steel. which is a valuable tool. You can store tasting tools and other utensils in the three slots provided within the knife bag. It carries easily with both a handle and a removable shoulder strap. The design has 600 denier canvas made out of sturdy, tough polyester, unlike delicate fabrics prone to cuts and punctures.

8-Pocket Messermeister Padded Black Knife Roll

Best Features: 8-pocket padded knife can hold up to an 18’ knife with eight elasticized pockets for knives, shoulder straps and four business cardholders

Messermeister is a fashion-forward brands featuring high-quality culinary products. They use superior quality fabrics to manufacture their portable culinary organizers. This padded knife roll bag features a foam core exterior and a fully lined interior and is made of 600-denier water-resistant nylon, which also happens to be luggage-grade laminated. The Heavy-duty YKK racquet coil zippers are designed to thrive in the most robust circumstances. This brand offers a lifetime warranty, so your knife bag will survive the test of time. Lastly, the shoulder strap has metal D-rings located at both ends of the Messermeister Padded Black Knife Bag.

Arcos 4 Pcs Knife Roll Bag

Best Features
: Dishwasher safe, perfect to store

This cutlery set is perfect for transporting all the kitchen knives and utensils you need. It is made from superior quality polyester and is comfortable and convenient to carry. It also comes with a 10-year warranty and the best choice for culinary students. Not only is it dishwasher safe, but it is also perfect for storing.


Best Features: Sturdy and durable, quick and easy storage, warranty and support available

This leather knife roll offers quick and easy storage. It can make a perfect gift for culinary students. It can hold knives up to 18” in length and can store kitchen knives and other culinary tools. Aaron Leather Goods provides a 1-year warranty.

Why You Need a Knife Roll

The culinary novice might wonder why one needs a knife roll bag and cannot stack their knives in a briefcase or a box.

A portable set of knives is at the top of the list of essential devices every professional chef needs, but it’s also one of the most cumbersome and difficult to carry around. Good quality knives can do damage to one another if they come in contact. That’s why it is essential to have a knife roll bag that offers separate and secured slots for each knife.
Seasoned chefs know the importance of a perfect knife when it comes to a different element of culinary management.

Whether it is the presentation to excellent cooking or cutting various types of meat, they cannot count on unknown or new kitchens to have all the knives they need. Chefs who want complete control over their culinary environment also enjoy the fact that knife rolls usually have storage slots for other tools, like scissors, spoons, and sharpeners. So, they don’t have to travel anywhere without their most trusted tools.

Knife rolls should be able to withstand the sharpness of good quality knives.They are constructed of superior fabric that keeps dirt and moisture away from the knives. Besides, they also have dedicated slots for the most common sizes and shapes of blades to securely hold them in place. Once the chef gets to their desired destination, they can simply spread out their knife bag and be satisfied seeing all of their knives and gadgets organized in front of them.

Some kitchens might not have the space to keep an additional set of knives, and some professionals may prefer not to leave their treasured knives at work. Knife roll bags are the perfect way for a chef to transport their tools to and from work every day – without having to carry a big and bulky briefcase.

The Different Knives and Their Uses

Some knife sets come with as many as 16 knives and other culinary tools, and each of them serves its specific purpose. Familiarizing yourself with each knife can make cooking become an art and help you make delicious food. Let’s explore some knives and their uses below:

The first one is the chef’s knife, which is one of the most significant knives in any collection. It has an smooth and ultra-sharp blade used to perform the lion’s share of prep work like mincing garlic, chopping tomatoes and dicing tomatoes.

Then we have the bread knife, which usually has a long blade that is just about an inch wide with a serrated edge. The serrated edge is perfect for breaking through tough crunchy surfaces, like the hard crust of a flavorsome baguette which let’s you cut with less pressure. Using too much pressure to slice bread can ruin its shape and smash the bread into pieces. Serrated edges are also ideal for cutting through any other food with a tough outer layer and a soft interior.

Last, the fine slicing and carving knife used to slice cooked meats; it has an extra-long blade to allow for cleaner cuts.

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  1. Are there any knife rolls offering a lifetime warranty?
    Answer: ABSOLUTELY. Several brands are offering a lifetime warranty in the markets.
  2. Can I use a dry cleaner to wash my knife roll?
    Answer: It depends on the material used to design the knife roll and the user guide provisions.
  3. Can I iron my knife roll or bag?
    Answer: Consider reading the user manual carefully and contact the supplier/manufacturer for more details on ironing.
  4. Can I place my knife roll on extremely hot kitchenware?
    Answer: NO, most knife bags are made of nylon, leather, or PVC which can easily get burnt.

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