The 8 Best Mini Fridge with Glass Door

Do you want to see your ice-cold beer when you walk pass your fridge? Yes.

You want to know how much is left so you can stock up before the big game. One can’t see what’s inside with a regular foam-lined door. You need a mini-fridge with a glass door to keep your meal-time snacks, beverages, and other goodies. So, next time your stomach growls, you can consider buying one.

Here’s a list of the best glass door mini refrigerators available on the market.

The Best Mini Fridge with Glass Door

Top ProductsBest Features
1. Ivation Thermoelectric Wine CoolerIncludes exterior digital touch system, soft interior lightning, 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.
2. Whynter Beverage RefrigeratorLED lighting with glassy interior, detached style, correctable door, stainless steel door.
3. Vremi Beverage Glass Door RefrigeratorsPowerful beer and wine chiller, digitally adaptable control panel, compressor based chilling system.
4. Antarctic Star Beverage RefrigeratorPerfect storage-capacity, adjustable thermostat and control knob, compact size and can accommodate everywhere.
5. Joy Pebble Beverage RefrigeratorModified design, large capacity, holds up to 60 cans, adaptable footpad and debar moisture.

1. Ivation Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Best Features: Includes exterior digital touch system, soft interior lightning, 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

You can carry this compact refrigerator while going for a picnic, or going out to see a game. It can easily hold 20 bottles of beer and wine. Besides that, this mini fridge comes with unique digital control. It also has a small LCD screen to view temperatures clearly. The lightweight and portable build mean you can easily carry it in vans and cars.

Furthermore, this fridge saves electricity bills as it has no compressor. If you want to keep the taste of beer and wine fresh, this mini fridge is the best choice! It also has thermopane doors that prevent bad odors inside the fridge. Lastly, it is ideal for offices, homes, and small shops.

2. Whynter Beverage Refrigerator

Best Features: LED lighting with glassy interior, detached style, correctable door, stainless steel door.

You can enjoy a chilled beer every hour. This is one of the perfect fridges for offices and homes alike! Moreover, this refrigerator comes with a stainless steel frame. It also enhances your kitchen and home décor. That said, you can place beverages of up to 12 oz in this compact refrigerator.

Additionally, you can control the inner temperature of the fridge with the help of settings. It includes a soft LED light that makes it convenient to find bottles at night. It is one of the best kitchen appliances to enjoy in summers.

3. Vremi Beverage Glass Door Refrigerators

Best Features: Powerful beer and wine chiller, digitally adaptable control panel, compressor based chilling system.

If you frequently go out for family picnics, this mini-fridge is ideal. It is compact and can hold up to 120 beer cans. The small size simplifies your task to carry the fridge anywhere outside your home. It has a small length of 3.2 cubic feet. Besides that, the flossy glass door will let you view your bottles easily.

Additionally, the fridge contains 2-3 easy-to-remove shelves. You can detach them for cleaning or keeping taller bottles of wine. Lastly, the control panel automatically sets the temperature. You don’t have to worry about doing it manually.

4. Antarctic Star Beverage Refrigerator

Best Features: Perfect storage-capacity, adjustable thermostat and control knob, compact size and can accommodate everywhere.

This mini refrigerator has a holding capacity of up to 60 cans and is one of the most aesthetic glass door refrigerators. You can use this compact-sized fridge in homes, offices, garages. Next time you’re having a backyard BBQ party, take out your portable fridge, and entertain your guests! Its design enhances your home décor, and it can maintain temperature up to 61 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, it has an airtight seal that provides excellent insulation and keeps your drinks cold. The double-panned glass door helps you see your beverages. The gentle LED light enables you to remove or keep these beverages during nighttime.

Here’s the best part: it comes in different sizes to suit your requirements.

5. Joy Pebble Beverage Refrigerator

Best Features: Modified design, large capacity, holds up to 60 cans, adaptable footpad, and debar moisture.

You can keep all your favorite beverages in this mini-refrigerator. It’s available in different sizes. Moreover, the black color body gives it a modern appeal that suits your home décor. Besides that, the glass door reveals the chilling process of all your bottles. The double-paned door stops harmful UV rays from spoiling your food or drinks. It also keeps them fresh for extended periods.

Further, its heavy-duty vertical chiller features a powerful cooling system. The noise-less compressor is an added feature that makes this mini-fridge perfect for homes and offices. Lastly, this mini-fridge has an auto-defrosting function, and the temperature sensor comes with an auto-defrost mode. Use this product to chill beverages.

6. Northair Beverage Cooler and Fridge

Best Features: Racks can be adjusted or removed, single-glass hinged door, black exterior and transparent door.

This is a distinctive mini-fridge is perfect for trip-lovers! You can easily store up to 60 cans in this compact-sized refrigerator. The spectacular glass reversible door allows one to view beverages from outside. Apart from that, it comes with a blue LED light that helps you see your cans at night. It is whisper-quiet and doesn’t make a loud noise to disrupt your sleep. That means, it’s ideal as a room refrigerator.

Additionally, the racks can easily be adjusted for cleaning tasks. You can also keep taller bottles of fine wine and beer in this mini-fridge. Lastly, this refrigerator includes 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.

7. Beverage Glass Door Refrigerators by Tavata

Best Features: Elegant see-through glass door, stainless steel front door, innovative technology and energy-efficient.

You can now enjoy a worry-free family outing with this portable mini-fridge. It is a free-standing kitchen-appliance with an elegant and sturdy glass door. Furthermore, this refrigerator is 2.3 cubic feet in length, which is more than an average compact-sized fridge. The LED light makes this mini-fridge appealing to look at. You can easily get chilled beverages anything in the hot summers!

Moreover, its innovative technology and a powerful cooling system can keep your drinks and snacks fresh for hours. It can lower down the temperature to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You don’t have to fret about sky-rocketing electricity bills as the energy-efficient system ensures you pay less.

8. COSTWAY Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

Best Features: Portable mini-size beverage cooler, double-pane glass door, extractive, and adaptable slide-out chrome shelves.

This glass door refrigerator enhances your home décor. It has a length of up to 1.73 cubic feet with a superior quality stainless steel door frame. Apart from that, the refrigerator has a stainless steel door frame. It also has a sleek, black interior to clearly view all the bottles and comes with a control panel to manage the inner temperature.

Additionally, it’s perfect for keeping as a mini-fridge in a playroom and RV. It comes with removable chrome shelves for easy cleaning and washing.

Mini-Refrigerator Buying Guide

Types of Refrigerator:

Different types of glass door refrigerators are available on the market:

Single Door

The mini-refrigerators with a single door come with a capacity of 120 to 250-liters. These cost-effective models offer adequate freezer space. Some manufacturers provide automatic digital defrost options with their models.

Double Door

With a holding capacity of 200 to 250-liters, these mini-refrigerators have separate compartments for a freezer and other use. This fridges are highly power-conserving and provide frost-free operation every time.

Triple Door

Suitable for all residential spaces, the triple door models require little floor space. The three doors provide three different sections for the freezer, crisper, and regular use. These models have a holding capacity of 250 to 300-liters. However, these refrigerators come with sturdy glass shelves and innovative technology.

Side by Side

The capacity range of these models is between 550 to 850-liters. Therefore, these mini refrigerators offer adequate space with multiple storage sections. Several models include ice and water attached to the front panel. Usually, these models aren’t frost-free but come with robust glass shelves.

Mini or Compact

Just like the name suggests, these refrigerators are compact and can have up to 100-liter of capacity. These models are portable but have limited freezer space.


The compressors are divided into general compressors and invertors. By offering higher speeds, the general compressors deliver consistent speed throughout running hours. The inverter compressors offer slow speeds and run the mechanism when compressors detect any cooling loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mini-refrigerators safe? Whether the fridge is small or full-sized, it can be lethal of precautionary measures aren’t taken. Keep pets and children away as a falling refrigerator can injure them.

Where should you not put a mini-fridge? The best practice is not to put any refrigerator on the carpet as it’ll reduce the airflow.

Can you leave a mini-fridge overnight? Mini fridges can run 24 hours a day. Ensure to check on them to prevent any fires.

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