The 7 Best Mini Fridges for Garage

Are you stuck in a garage environment as part of your job? Then a garage-ready refrigerator can provide you an endless supply of cold foods and beverages. For instance, mechanics and body repair persons will get much use out of this handy appliance. But if you want maximum capacity – and got no use for an icebox – why spend on a mini that comes with a freezer?

Here are seven great options that aren’t hampered by a freezer encroaching much-needed space:

The Best Mini Fridges for Garage

Top PicksGradeCapacity (Cu Ft)
1. Kenmore 99053 Compact Mini RefrigeratorA+4.5
2. NewAir Beverage Refrigerator and CoolerA+3.4
3. Whynter Stainless Steel Beverage RefrigeratorA1.7
4. Midea MRM14A4ABB All refrigeratorB1.4

1. Kenmore 99083 Compact Mini Refrigerator

Even though this is a relatively inexpensive mini, the Kenmore 99053 is high on the list of recommendations. Firstly, that’s because of how much space it saves without consuming much power. Secondly, you can stock up on quite a lot of beverages since it has both a built-in can dispenser and storage for tall bottles.

Besides these perks, the Kenmore product also has a place where you can keep food seasoning. Another feature, the reversible gate, allows you to loosen the screw, and fasten the door to the other side. That sort of flexibility is great for garage environments, which are always bustling with activity. Finally, choose a Kenmore 99053 in black, silver, or green color to match your theme.

2. NewAir Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

Roomy enough to allow 120 cans inside, the NewAir cooler also has four storage racks that are removable. So, if you want to place larger bottles or cans in it, you can do so! Its stainless steel exterior will spruce up any old garage.

What’s more, this mini chills beverages much more quickly and to a greater extent – try a frigid 34 degrees. You won’t find most standard beer fridges having this trait. Other than that, there are seven customizable settings on offer via the thermostat. Lastly, you’ll likely love the whisper-soft manner its compressor works in. At least, the mini won’t add to the noise level already percolating most garages!

3. Whynter Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator

First of all, any mini fridge small enough to fit under your desk is a garage-friendly option. But that doesn’t mean the Whynter product is stingy with space. A heavy hitter in all aspects, it has room for 120 cans of frosty beer – the same applies to bottled beer. Other than that, its glass front and stainless steel simply look good.

Since it is hardy enough to survive out of doors, it will do pretty well in a garage too. Its mechanical temperature controller gives you the option to choose between 30-60 degrees. Lastly, this Whynter model does its work discreetly.

4. Midea MRM14A4ABB All Refrigerator

For storage of all kinds of perishables in a mini that will fit the confines of your garage perfectly, get the Midea. With the capacity of 1.4 cu ft, this fridge will keep your milk and beer both chilled and ready-for-consumption.

Even though the Midea is smaller than all the others we mention here in our guide, except for the Coke fridge, it saves you much space. This mini also has a tiny freezer that will make ice cubes for you. The fridge section has one shelf and additional door storage.

5. Insignia 2.6 Cubic Foot Mini Fridge

An almost-cube shaped model, the Insignia mini is tiny enough to fit into most rooms in your home. So, it will be a good addition to your garage too. It also has a storage rack for your beer cans. Now, while there is a freezer, it is too small to be of any use. The reversible door hinges are also useful in garage-like environments.

The adjustable shelving is surprising in a fridge of this size. As is the presence of thermostat control. Both features make this product look good, especially due to its low pricing. It might be noisy for dorms, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you’ll be installing this fridge in your garage.

6. Coca-Cola KWC-4 red Portable Mini Cooler

The Coca-Cola mini cooler has a storing capacity for 6 cans — 12 ounces each. The vintage red color we all associate with the brand is on full display here. Additionally, the cooler is so small that it can fit almost anywhere – even in a nook in your garage! Move it around as much as you want.

You can expect this 4-liter fridge to chill your beverages at least 32 degrees below the ambient temperature. Also, it is relatively less pricey, so there’s that. Finally, you have a self-locking door handle that won’t keep you wondering if you left your fridge open.

7. Igloo Garage Fridge Tool Box

A fridge may or may not belong in the garage, but a tool box sure does. Therefore, a mini that chills your beer and looks like a red tool chest offers the best of both worlds. This Igloo fridge gives you exactly that and its four caster wheels for easy mobility – and that lock — make it perfectly garage-friendly.

There’s a drip tray to catch spillage before it becomes a mess. A can dispenser is on the door, and the wire shelves are removable. You’ll also like that there are separate crisper and chiller compartments. What it doesn’t have are automatic ice makers and interior lights.

Buyer’s Guide

Garage-friendly mini fridges come in smaller, cube shaped and larger, upright forms. The former are usually portable while the latter offer better shelving options.

Aside from the size and capacity, you should look at energy consumption when shopping for a mini fridge. Generally, they require less energy than their full-sized counterparts. But just to be sure, opt for one that is Energy Star-certified.

Since two types of cooling systems are usually found in mini fridges, you should know about those too. A compressor-powered cooler is better at maintaining the temperatures. However, how good it will be depends on the quality of its compressor.

In addition to the cooling system, be on the lookout for noisy refrigerators. The high-quality ones won’t produce as much noise. Experts also say, the louder a refrigerator is, the more energy it will require chill your beverages.

Don’t forget about warranties since they are an assurance that you’re taking home a quality product. Hence, check if the company is offering you one before you purchase. Another feature is the environmental friendliness of the refrigerant within.                                

Also, exposure to extreme temperatures can void warranties in the case of some brands. Moreover, you will have a difficult time proving whether the temperature remained in the acceptable range if you file a repair claim. So, it is best to be sure in the first place.

The ideal range is between 60 and 110 degrees. Hence, if it gets warmer than that in the garage, then it wouldn’t be a good place for you to stash the fridge.

Overheated mini fridges can burn out. Some ways to bring the temperature down include:

  • Insulation, such as weather stripping – check doors and windows for leaks
  • Supplemental air conditioning – fans and vents will keep the fridge cool
  • Covering the windows – to keep the sunlight away
  • Unplugging appliances not in use – they can heat up the garage


Will a garage mini fridge save electricity?

Indeed, it will. If you have the habit of using your big kitchen refrigerator a lot during the day, getting a mini is a better option. That’s because opening the bigger fridges to just grab a drink can cause it to lose a lot of its cold air. It means the fridge will consume more energy to replace it. That isn’t so with the smaller ones. Compare a capacity of 18-27 cu ft with that of a mini fridge, and you’ll see why the latter is so much more energy efficient.

What do I need to get my mini fridge working in the garage?

Chances are that your kitchen is specifically wired for a refrigerator to be placed in it and thus, will have proper hookups. That may not be the case with a garage, though. So, when you plug in the mini fridge, ensure that the AC-only electric outlet will provide it with 60 Hz and 115 volts. Without one, the compressor might not get sufficient power to work properly. That puts additional strain on its condenser.

What items should I store in my garage mini fridge?

Even with the proper precautions, you are going to expose a refrigerator to extreme temperatures when you place it in the garage. And that increases the risk of operational failure. Therefore, storing foods that can go bad when the cooling turns off won’t be a smart decision. Instead, pile in stuff that won’t perish even if the mini fridge stops working, such as water, other beverages, and pantry goods.

Where can I find useful information on energy consumption when shopping for a mini fridge?

The information you need on small size fridges is mostly about their Energy Star ratings. Therefore, check those. And Consumer Reports will serve you well when it comes to determining the most energy savings. In short, it is crucial that you realize the cheapest possible mini fridge on Amazon might cost you more in the long run.


Have you picked out the mini fridge that will be a welcome and useful addition to your garage? Which of the seven refrigerators we mentioned above did you choose? Was it the Kenmore because of the space it has or did the Coca-Cola cooler’s vintage look win you over?

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