8 Best Soft Coolers With Wheels

Here’s the deal:

Everyone loves having icy beers and drinks. But what we don’t love is having to drag these massive 50-pound coolers which are keeping all those drinks chilled.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With these soft coolers, not only are you cutting down a ton of weight, but you also get a set of wheels through which you can easily pull these hefty coolers along with you!

So what are the best soft coolers with wheels on the market? And how do you pick one which suits you best?

Keep reading to find out!

The Best Soft Coolers with Wheels

Top ProductsCapacityWeight
1. Coleman 42-Can Soft Cooler with Wheels42-cans2.2 lbs
2. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Rolling Cooler60-cans9.1 lbs
3. Igloo Cool Fusion Roller MaxCold Coolers36-cans6.2 lbs
4. Evolution Outdoor EVO Rolling Cooler72-cans17.4 lbs
5. dbest products Ultra Compact Cooler Smart Cart36-cans3.5 lbs
6. Columbia Crater Peak Rolling Thermal Pack50-cans4.7 lbs
7. Arctic Zone Hot/Cold Insulated Rolling Tote44-cans4.3 lbs

1. Coleman 42-Can Soft Cooler with Removable Liner & Wheels

Coleman is one of the most respectable brands in the cooler industry, and this 42-can soft cooler is proof of that. It’s an excellent low-budget option packed with lots of cool features, making it one of the best choices for coolers on wheels in the market.

As you can see from the name, it has a 42-can capacity, but also provides zippered compartments and mesh pockets to store more stuff. Its insulation is good enough to retain ice for at least 24 hours; however, this can vary depending on the weather. 

The cooler also features a telescopic handle and sturdy wheels, as well as side handles for easy carrying. Overall, it’s a great budget option with an excellent build quality for people that don’t necessarily need several days of ice retention.

2. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Rolling Cooler – High Performance – 60 Can Capacity

There would hardly be any cooler in the market that’s as practical as the Arctic Zone Titan Rolling Cooler. Featuring a massive 60-can capacity, the cooler has 4-layer insulated walls that can retain ice for a good 12 to 24 hours at least. 

Unlike other coolers, the Arctic Zone Titan is attached to an A.T. cart that can be removed from the cooler for easy carriage. You can also easily fold up the cooler when storing it away.

As for the lid, it has a magnetic lock that’s much easier than zipping and unzipping and is less prone to breaking. The lid also contains plastic cupholders, so always have a safe place to keep your drinks. You also get a huge front zippered pocket and side mesh pockets to store all your stuff in one place.

Considering its overall quality and practicality, it would be hard not to label it as one of the best soft coolers on the market with wheels.

3. Igloo Cool Fusion 36-Can Roller MaxCold Coolers

The Igloo Cool Fusion MaxCold is a feature-packed soft cooler that provides an excellent value for the money. It’s a plastic and fabric frame with high rigidity, but what’s unique about it is the hard-plastic liner, which makes it leakproof and super-easy to clean.

In terms of insulation, the MaxCold claims to have 25% more foam. But in real-life testing, it can easily give you 24 hours of ice retention, at least. On the outside, you’ll find a front zippered pocket and side mesh pockets. The base can be detached for carrying the cooler with its side handles, though it does have a telescopic handle. 

Considering the removable hard plastic liner and the features it provides, the Igloo Cool Fusion is an excellent cooler for the price.

4. Evolution Outdoor EVO Rolling Cooler

If you’re looking for the top-of-the-line coolers with outmatched performance and a robust build, look no further than the Evolution Outdoor Design Evo Rolling Cooler. It has a super-rugged exterior shell with a heavy-duty telescopic handle and all-terrain wheels.

On the inside, you can fit in 72-cans along with several pounds of ice. Due to its 360-degree solid insulation, the cooler can easily retain ice for up to 2-3 days, which is by far the best performance for a soft cooler on wheels.

All of this is secured with a leakproof rubberized zipper that prevents spilling accidents. So even though it costs a little extra than most soft coolers on the market, you can be sure that you’ll get what you’re paying for with the Evolution Outdoor Evo Rolling Cooler.

5. dbest products Ultra Compact Cooler Smart Cart

If you’re a lone adventurer or traveler, perhaps a smaller soft cooler like the DBest Compact Cooler Smart Cart will suit you more. The cooler weight just under 3 lbs., can be easily folded to store in compact places and has smaller wheels with a telescopic handle, so you don’t have to haul it with your other stuff.

Despite its compact size and lightweight, the cooler can fit in 36-cans, and that’s without ice. It also has side mesh pockets and a zippered pocket at the front so you can store all your stuff in one bag. Considering that it’s one of the cheapest coolers on our list, you can’t go wrong with the DBest Ultra Compact Cooler.

6. Columbia Crater Peak 50 Can Rolling Thermal Pack with All Terrain Cart

Another great all-around soft cooler with wheels on our list is the Columbia Crater Peak. It’s got everything you could want from a soft cooler; solid construction, good insulation, lots of storage space, and a trusty set of wheels to tow it everywhere.

It has 3-layers of insulation and a reflective coating on the inside, allowing it to retain ice for around 24-36 hours easily. The leakproof liner is antimicrobial coated and can be removed for easy cleaning. And unlike regular coolers with small and fragile wheels, the A.T. cart on the Columbia Crater is larger and more rugged and can be used on all terrains.

7. Arctic Zone 44 Can Hot/Cold Insulated Rolling Tote

If you want a more compact and user-friendly version of the Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler, this is the one for you. Made by the same manufacturer as the Titan Deep Freeze, the Rolling Tote is much more compact and practical than the former. 

It has similar high-density insulation in the walls but also incorporates a Therma-reflect barrier technology, which is just a shining interior lining to maintain temperatures for longer. You can also find the same zippered and mesh pockets as other coolers.

Due to its smaller footprint, the cooler resembles a tote bag. The cooler can also be detached from the wheel cart so you can carry it with the shoulder strap. The handle is telescopic and can be retracted.

8. Picnic at Ascot Travel Cooler with Wheels- 64 Can Capacity- Collapsible Leakproof Cooler- Designed & Quality Approved in the USA

What separates the Picnic at Ascot Travel Cooler is its unique design and outstanding build quality. Unlike other coolers, it features a wider and lower design, which resembles the shape of a duffle bag.

The side support and lower center of gravity make the cooler much more stable and less prone to leaking. What further prevents these chances is a puncture-resistant liner and 600D Polycanvas exterior construction. 

As for insulation, the cooler can keep almost 32 cans completely chilled for up to 24 hours. The wheelbase is detachable and has all-terrain wheels as well as a telescopic handle. Each Travel Cooler also comes with a Lifetime Warranty from Picnic at Ascot’s.

Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve ever surveyed the cooler market, you know how confusing it can be to choose among the variety of wheeled, non-wheeled, hard, soft, and other types of coolers.

And if that wasn’t enough, the massive list of brands and different features make the decision even tougher. 

If you too are stuck in between these decisions, let us help you out with a customized buyer’s guide to help you pick out the best soft cooler with wheels to suit your needs.

Here are some of the most critical factors to look for when purchasing a soft cooler with wheels:

Build Quality

This one is a given. You should always pick a soft cooler that’s strong enough to sustain at least a couple of years of abuse. Since you’ll most likely be taking your cooler to different locations, every single part of it should be solid and well-built.

Always check the construction of the soft cooler first. Most good quality soft coolers are made out of different types of toughened nylon fabrics. These are usually waterproof and puncture-resistant, allowing them to last for years. 

Make sure the zip is sturdy, as this is usually the part that breaks first. Check the material used for making the liner, lid, and the base of the cooler. 

Easy to Carry

Carrying coolers over long distances is quite tough, but a pair of wheels can eliminate all that unnecessary effort. But before you purchase a soft cooler with wheels, it’s essential to take a look at the wheels and handles themselves.

Most soft coolers on our list have large, rugged wheels with grooves. These all-terrain wheels allow you to lug your soft cooler on almost every surface, including dirt, gravel, sand, or concrete. Smaller wheels work perfectly on hard surfaces but might struggle on softer terrains such as sand or gravel.

Another handy feature to look for is a detachable wheelbase. This allows you to carry the cooler separately where the wheels won’t provide any benefit. It also prevents you from breaking your wheels or handles from accidental collisions.

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Insulation and Ice Retention

The primary job of a cooler is to maintain internal temperatures. And the way this is measured is by calculating how long the cooler can keep ice frozen.

Most soft coolers are insulated by foam walls, and some also have reflective linings to dissipate heat instead of absorbing it. Due to this, most of these coolers can retain ice for about 24 hours, depending on the weather conditions.

Though 24 hours are quite less for a cooler, it’s suitable for day-long trips such as beach trips or picnics where you don’t plan to stay for several days.

Lightweight and Compact

An important reason why many people consider soft coolers instead of hard coolers is due to their lightweight. Sure, hard coolers have ice retention times of several days to weeks, but they’re also extremely heavy and bulky.

A good soft cooler should be lightweight on its own as to not add more weight to the content of the cooler. However, it should still have decent storage space for keeping lots of drinks with ice. 

Most soft coolers are also foldable and can easily be stored in compact spaces. This is especially useful for people who live in apartments or don’t have additional space.


Are soft coolers with wheels better than without wheels?

Yes. Wheels on soft coolers provide ease in transportation, especially in places where you can’t drive your car. You can easily pull your soft cooler through its wheels instead of putting extra effort into carrying them to your camping spot.

Is dry ice better than regular ice for soft coolers?

Yes, mainly because some soft coolers do not have leakproof zips. With dry ice, water does not collect at the bottom, so the chances of spills occurring are eliminated.

Can you keep food in a soft cooler?

Yes, you can keep your food in soft coolers. However, always place them in Ziplock bags or plastic containers to prevent water from damaging the food. Also, put ice on top of your food instead of underneath it.

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How do you retain ice for longer in a soft cooler?

To maximize ice retention, you can add some salt to the ice. Also, try to keep your cooler out of the sun, and try not to open it too frequently.

How should you pack a cooler?

When packing your cooler, first spread the ice on the bottom and place your cans and bottles on it. Add some more ice over the cans, and place your food over this layer of ice. Add some ice on top of the food as well.

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