The 13 Best Under-Counter Ice Makers

Undercounter ice machines are the perfect way to keep your commercial kitchen stocked with high-quality ice every day. If used correctly, they quickly pay for themselves. You can take full advantage of their one-time price and avoid store-bought ice each time. You’ll enjoy the convenience of having fresh ice cubes available for your customers.

In this buying guide, we have compiled the best under-counter ice makers available on the market.

Let’s get started.

The Best Under-Counter Ice Makers

Top ProductsRatingIce Production Capacity
1. Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO4.5132 lbs
2. hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker4.499 lbs
3. Sunpentown Ice Maker4.212 lbs
4. EdgeStar IB120SS Built-in Ice Maker4.012 lbs
5. Hoshizaki AM-50BAJ-ADDS Ice Maker4.055 lbs

1. Sunpentown IM-150US

The Sunpentown ice maker features an attractive stainless steel door and black cabinet. It can be a brilliant addition to the existing setup. Moreover, it can make up to 12 pounds of ice per day and store 6 pounds of ice. It will leave you well-stocked to cater to small and medium-sized crowds. It’s one of the best professional ice makers available. With a wide variety of unique features and elegant design, it’s an ideal choice for buyers. Lastly, you may want to consider replacing the flimsy plastic water supply tube with a sturdier one.

2. Scotsman Brilliance Ice Maker

Another great freestanding ice maker is the mighty Scotsman Brilliance. It boasts up to 26 lbs of storage and 80 lbs of daily ice production. For restaurant owners, this setup helps tackle the lunch or dinner rush. Your customers will appreciate the speedy performance and quality of the ice this machine makes. It also provides excellent investment as you won’t need to spend on store-bought ice every day. It’s a bit pricier than other models out on this list, but it’s worth the investment.

3. Orien FS-55IM

Are you looking for an ice maker that’s a ‘game-changer’ for your daily hustle? The Orien can produce a sizable 44 lbs of ice daily, leaving you with plenty to store. Moreover, its UL approved for home and commercial use. It’ll keep even the most demanding customers happy and satisfied. You can use it as a built-in or freestanding ice machine. Different placements give you a wider variety of choices to set up your home bar, kitchen, or prep space.

4. SPT IM-600US

The SPT provides a gorgeous stainless steel cabinet and door to enhance your home décor. You can also install it as a freestanding or built-in unit in your kitchen. It lets you produce up to 50 lbs of ice daily and spare up to 25 lbs of ice. It’s built is more narrow than some of the other models. Therefore, it might easily fit in different spaces and setups in your establishment.

5. Hoshizaki AM50BAE

The Hoshizaki AM50BAE model comes in at the upper end of the ice machine spectrum. It gives you up to 55 lbs of ice per day and features a whopping 22 lbs storage capacity. Customers love the sophisticated design and setup of this device. The reviews suggest that it’s incredibly easy-to-use and fit in with their existing space. Moreover, it requires a low amount of maintenance to keep running compared to some other models. Overall, most buyers felt it was a great investment and solid use of their company’s money.

6. Manitowoc NEO

The Manitowoc NEO model is one of the best-looking ice machines on the market. If your prep space or commercial kitchen is visible to the public, this might be the perfect ice maker. Reviewers called the device reliable, fast, and noiseless. It helps maintain the best possible ambiance for your space. Moreover, it provides up to 129 lbs of ice for everyday use.

7. hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker Machine

Built for commercial kitchens, this freestanding ice maker is ideal for those who host sizable crowds or throw barbecue parties. It can produce about 99 pounds of ice in 24 hours and store 29 pounds of ice. You don’t have to fret about running out of ice any longer! Moreover, the freezing time and thickness of ice can be adjusted by pressing the buttons on the control panel. That means you can customize the size and frequency of ice cubes, depending on your needs. Despite its high output, the hOmeLabs ice maker only measures 17.6 x 15.7 x 31.4 inches. You can place it in your home bar or kitchen without taking up too much space. Lastly, this model includes a water supply and draining hose, and an ice scoop to retrieve ice.

8. Edgestar IB120SS Built-In Ice Maker

If you’re searching for a simple and inexpensive device, we recommend the Edgestar built-in icemaker. It’s one of the most versatile ice-machines available on the market. 

It’s pocket-friendly and offers quality performance while being in your budget. Moreover, it requires minimal installation and can be used anywhere. Measuring at 25.25” x 15” x 18.5”, you can tuck it under most countertops. Additionally, it weighs 54 lbs and doesn’t require a drain. Therefore, you can use it in a wet bar, a kitchen, and also a boat! It features a refrigerated ice compartment that ensures that the ice never melts. 

If you want your cool drinks without the hassle of buying ice, Edgtestar will be your best friend.

Furthermore, Edgestar can produce 12 lbs of ice per day. That means you can enjoy a constant supply of your icy cold beverages. Besides that, it can store 6lbs of ice, so there’s enough for every occasion. This machine is incredibly user-friend and easy-to-use. It has a convenient on/off switch and comes with a small ice scoop. Another great feature is the reversible door that can open on either side, depending on your needs. Lastly, this machine scores extra points for the extra-easy installation!

9. U-Line UBI95B00A Under counter Crescent Ice Maker

If you’re looking for a compact ice machine that doesn’t take too much space, consider the U-Line under-counter ice maker. It’s a freestanding machine used to make large quantities of crescent ice. Moreover, it’s also the most environmentally-friendly ice maker available on the market. It also has a daily ice production rate of up to 23 lbs. And it only uses three gallons of water and minimal energy to produce all this ice.

Furthermore, it’s a durable and reliable machine. It only requires a ¼ inch water supply line for setup and makes an ideal undercount ice maker for beginners. This ice machine measures at 17” x 14” x 25” ice machine weighs 66 lbs and used as a freestanding under counter ice machine. You don’t have to attach it to any cabinets, and it’s built to last. While it’s not the most inexpensive model, its quality stands up to the hefty price.  

The U-Line UB195B00A is a mini-freezer and ice maker in one compact package. Therefore, the ice it makes won’t melt as long as it remains plugged in. Apart from that, the elegant all-black look will enhance the décor. Lastly, it does need a drain to run effectively and only requires a drain pump. Installation is quite straightforward, but we recommend employing a professional.  

10. Whynter MIM-14231SS 14” Undercounter Automatic Ice Makers

Next up, we have the Whynter MIM-14231SS under-counter Ice Maker. Designed specifically to be used in mobile situations, it’s perfect for boats, yachts, and RVs. It measures 16” x 14” x 24.5” in size and weighs about 52 lbs. The front ventilation and narrow width make this ice machine ideal for in-cabinet installation. However, it can also be utilised as a freestanding ice maker. It also features a reversible door that can fit either side, allowing for hassle-free user experience.

Furthermore, this ice machine is made of commercial-grade stainless steel, making it UV and corrosion-resistant. It also includes a six-foot braided stainless steel waterline supply hose. It also features a latch-lock for safety and to keep the door closed.

The Whynter MIM-14231SS model boasts impressive ice production and can make up to 23 lbs of crescent ice a day and store up to 12 lbs. Best of all, it doesn’t require drain installation. It also features a high-efficiency, powerful compressor. As a result, your ice stays frozen while using minimal electricity. It also comes with an auto-shutoff feature for when the ice basket is full. Lastly, it has an ice scoop, which is always handy!

11. Smad Portable Commercial Under Counter Built-in Ice Maker Machine

Let’s take a look at the Smad portable commercial under-counter ice maker. You can manually fill this device, and hence, it’s portable. It’s a compact-sized machine measuring at 17” x 15” x 25” and weighing at 55 lbs. It also features a sleek black body with a reversible stainless steel door. Above all, this ice maker is easy for beginners to use. For example, the ice production is automatic and easy to monitor with a single dial. Besides that, the ice maker automatically shuts off when the ice bin is full. With the spare 12 pounds of ice this machine produces daily, you will never need to get store-bought ice again.

It is also convenient to use and comes with an ice storage tank and an ice scoop. Therefore, you won’t need to go looking around for ice cubes. Moreover, the storage bin can store up to six pounds of ice. The ice machine also doubles as a freezer and prevents the ice from melting. Overall, this is a great option for people wishing to have plenty of ice every day. Featuring an inexpensive price tag, it’s a bargain!

12. Costway 88LBS/24H – Best Automatic Freestanding Undercounter Ice Maker

The Costway freestanding ice maker is an easy-to-use kitchen appliance designed to be durable. It’s powerful enough to provide massive quantities of ice at any time. Moreover, its sturdy build makes it durable and unbreakable.

Passing the strict UL certification, it’s authorized for safe use for both commercial and residential purposes. The Costway gives you maximum protection and peace of mind against any unexpected failure. Like other models, it allows you to control the ice thickness and automatically shuts off when the storage tank is full. That means you don’t have to stand near the ice maker all the time. The ice doesn’t melt quickly in the cold preservation box.

Moreover, it features the ability to self-clean with the click of a button on the control panel. It comes with large 33-pound storage capacity and an ice scoop for convenient ice cube retrieval. It also has a water supply line with a quick-connect filter to the faucet and a small pipe for water drainage. Overall, this will be a great purchase for anyone wanting the easy installation and lower cost of operation.

13. Best Commercial: Kold Draft Freestanding Ice Maker

Kold Draft, also popularly known as “the king of ice machines,” offers top industry standard quality for bars and restaurants worldwide. This ice maker can produce up to 59 pounds of crescent, large cubes per day. It also stores up to 26.5 pounds in its well-insulated freezer. Moreover, the ice cube thickness is also adjustable based on your desired preferences (with low, medium, and high settings). Besides that, the machine automatically stops producing ice when full. This stainless steel ice machine is easy to use and features a self-cleaning mechanism. Overall, it’s a remarkable ice machine for commercial and residential use!

Buyer’s Guide – Best Under-counter Ice Maker

So, you have decided to invest in an ice machine. But how do you decide which is the best under-counter ice maker for your needs? You don’t need to worry as we have put together a comprehensive guide. Let’s explore!

Ice Output

The amount of ice required depends upon the intended purpose of the ice-machine. If you plan on using it for personal use, consider buying a countertop icemaker. However, if you want massive ice output for commercial use, you can choose an under-counter ice machine. Powerful icemakers can make your life easy! You’ll keep your hosts entertained, and your customers satisfied with a constant supply of cocktails and other beverages.

While all the models in this list offer an above-average output daily, some can produce almost double the amount of ice in 24 hours. Therefore, you need to consider how much ice you require every day.

Installation Requirements

Where are you planning to install your brand new ice machine? Do you have access to a water supply line?

These are crucial things to consider before selecting the best ice machine for you. For instance, some ice makers can only run off of a water supply line and don’t have a manually fillable tank. For these, you must have easy access to freshwater.

On the other hand, some of the ice makers listed above can run on a water tank and don’t need a water line. These would be excellent options for someone looking for a portable ice machine to carry anywhere. Besides, if you have drain access, you can select any icemaker without worrying about installation. Some models listed also feature a recycling system to use the melted ice for maximum efficiency.

Lastly, have you considered hiring a professional? Most ice makers require professional installation. While you can probably install some machines yourself, we recommended a plumber for the higher-end machines.

Freezer Capabilities

Another critical thing to consider is whether you want to double your ice-machine as a freezer. For example, some of the machines listed feature powerful freezers to keep the ice cold indefinitely. On the other hand, others are simple ice makers and do not have any freezer capabilities.

If you are searching for a multi-functional appliance, consider choosing an ice maker that is also a freezer.

Built-In or Standalone

Try to consider where you will keep your ice machine. Do you have a particular spot in mind?

While the entire ice machines listed can fit under the counter, some of the machines also feature front ventilation. Therefore, you can install them as built-ins without worrying about overheating.

Energy efficiency and rating

Energy conservation under counter ice maker is an ideal way to preserve energy and save money. If you have an Energy Star certified under counter ice machine, you can save energy and money on the utility bills. When considering the best under counter ice makers, Energy Star certified appliances save on average about 1,200 kWh annually. This also converts to $130/year in electricity bill savings. Energy-Star-rated under-counter ice makers save on average 15% more energy, and they are also 23% more water-efficient regular models.

By purchasing under counter ice makers that meet the new Energy Star criteria, you save an additional $40/year and up to 6,300 gallons annually due to reduced water usage. For continuous Ice production, Energy star rated ice machines save about 1500kWh annually or $160 per year on utility bills.


You need to find an under-counter ice maker that fits all your needs. But you also have to find the one that best fits your budget. Some features affect the price of an ice maker. The Ice machines that can produce various fancy ice types, like gourmet ice flakes, will cost more than regular models.

Moreover, a higher capacity icemaker also comes with increased costs, and air-cooled under counter ice makers cost less than water-cooled ice makers. Energy-efficient under counter ice maker may cost more to buy, but save you money in the long term. Lastly, self-contained ice machines are costlier to install.


The Speed of Ice production is another important factor to consider before buying the best under counter ice maker. How quickly does the under counter ice machine make new ice stock to maintain your supply? The Best under counter ice maker with a high production capacity will produce ice faster. It’ll help you keep a steady supply level during busy times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Do I need a water supply line for my built-in ice maker?

Yes, all built in ice machines require a water line. Unless it’s manual tank filling is specified.

How do I install an under counter ice maker?

Although we recommend using a professional, under counter ice maker installation isn’t complicated. You have to connect the water line, run the drain from the back of the appliance, plug it in, and set it! That said, always ensure to follow the installation instructions as per the owner’s manual. Sometimes installation instructions vary from model to model.

What type of ice do built-in ice machines make?

This varies by the appliance. Built-in ice makers produce a wide variety of ice shapes. These include crescent-shaped ice,clear ice, cubed ice, pearl ice, nugget ice, and gourmet ice.

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